my name is love (leannamarie) wrote in leannalayouts,
my name is love


guys. seriously.... PLEASE stop stealing parts of my layouts and not crediting.. using them on other layouts.. AND taking the codes and changing them all around.... that is not what i post them for.

FOR EXAMPLE. don't take my backgrounds and use them on another layout that is credited to another layout community!!!
OR pasting my codes and changing a whole bunch of junk around.. credited to me or not.. dont do it please. if you change the layouts like that it is no longer made by me and that means credit no longer belongs to me and as a result you are stealing my codes.

as stated in the rules of the community LEAVE THE LAYOUTS AS THEY AREEEEE. that is how i make them, that is how they should be. unless you drop me an email asking me otherwise and have good reason why you want to alter something..

hotlinking images from my layouts is pretty stupid too because i know when you do it.
this is pretty annoying so i probably wont post LJ layouts for a while. maybe i will just delete all the images off my server & can always go back to banning the people who steal because i do check at random.. journals and profiles.

i understand this is the interent. people take things all the time BUT its not hard at all to credit. COPY AND PASTE a code that i have made up for you to credit.. or simply type leannalayouts. will it kill you?
i dont want to have to get rid of my graphics/backgrounds/layouts because people arent respectful to this.

i know there are a lot of people who credit all the time and i thank you. but there are tons of people who dont and i know who ther are. dont be suprised if you arent a member of this community soon.
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