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Q: Can you make me my own layout that no one else has?
A: No, I don't do requests. Every once in a while I will make suggestion
posts where you can tell me what you would like to see but it is not promised that
I will make what you want.

Q: Where do you get your layout backgrounds from?
A: I used get them from various random sites I found (always credited) but now
I make ALL my backgrounds myself. This way you get one of a kind images on your
layouts that you won't find anywhere else.. that is of course unless someone steals
them... which is not cool at all.

Q: Can I take a background and use it on another layout?
A: No.

Q: Where do you find stock images?
A: veer.com

Q: What font(s) did you use on these icons & banners?
A: All my fonts are from www.dafont.com - you can find
them there.

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