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apply to be a maker [April182007]

sorry for so many updates in a row but...

I am looking for a new icons/graphics maker because with my classes coming to an end (finals soon) and some big art projects i have to work on during free time, i am becoming more busy every day. Also its getting close to summer time and for those who have been members since last summer might remember how i work at a summer camp june-august... then jump right back into school.
With the way its looking i will most likely be working at camp again, that means i will be at camp sunday afternoons THROUGH friday nights leaving pretty much just saturdays to be home.... not very much time for me to be on LJ.
SOOOO i am looking for this new maker to keep the community up and running when i am not around.

if you are interested please read the followingCollapse )
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i have made another community.
its brand new so there arent many members yet
i hope to get many more.
this one is for art and photography
join if you'd like, but read the rules first :)

frustrating. [January272007]

guys. seriously.... PLEASE stop stealing parts of my layouts and not crediting.. using them on other layouts.. AND taking the codes and changing them all around.... that is not what i post them for.

please readCollapse )
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locked! [June182006]


members only
join to see the layouts & icons


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